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Driftwood Horse

I had seen these horses in several places around Portland and in Eastern Oregon. It seemed like a challenge to draw, but what fun too.

Pencil, chalk and wax on paper; 2015

Glass Power Insulator

This is an image from my childhood. These glass insulators were on abandon poles up and down the valley I grew up in. Everyone had them in windows and grew plants in them.

Colored pencil on paper, 2016


The was visual group thinking. I was tasked with leading a group to make a pattern for a shoe. These are the “thinking” drawings I made to convey my thinking.

No. 2 Pencil on paper, 2019

Key Under Glass

I saw a key hung in a bell jar in a movie. It so intrigued me I had to think it through in a drawing. Drawing clear glass was great fun. My only wish is that I had turned the key 45 degrees. Nonetheless, it was quite a learning experience to draw clear glass and reflection on a curved surface.

Pencil on paper, 2015